First post…

After much debate, cogitation, angst and, well, OK, procrastination, I’ve finally decided it’s time to enter the Blogosphere… [cue dramatic doomy music] So, here it is. My shiny new blog. Hopefully it will be updated regularly but it will probably go the way of a lot of blogs – early enthusiasm with frequent posts and then increasingly long hiatuses between updates before near-infinite apathy finally succeeds in scuppering the whole enterprise…. Anyway, casually brushing aside such unwarranted cynicism, here it is.

Enjoy. Or not. 🙂

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2 Responses to First post…

  1. Bob Parslow says:

    Jane Goodhall has suggested that the collective noun for large format photographers should be ” a Procastination of …………..”. I doubt that this could be beaten. Am enjoying your inputs to Great British Landscapes


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