Aesthetics and landscape photography

What is 'beauty' in landscape photography?

One area of photographic technique that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage, in my opinion, is aesthetics. So much time is spent debating the merits of lens A over lens B or camera C over camera D that there is seemingly little energy or, indeed, enthusiasm to discuss more abstract concepts – such as what constitutes ‘beauty’ in landscape photography. It was with this in mind that I penned an article for Tim Parkin and Joe Cornish’s excellent online magazine, Landscape GB.

My piece really only scratches the surface of what is a quite complex subject but the intention was more to set people thinking and to open up a debate than to go into the subject in any great depth. I am therefore extremely gratified that Mike Green took up the challenge over on his blog and has posted an article inspired, in part, by my thinking on this topic. I don’t necessarily agree with all his conclusions but I like his way of thinking…

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