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Book review: ‘Yangtze – The long river’ by Nadav Kander

I thought I’d kick off a new strand in my Web Journal: an occasional series of reviews of photography books that I have collected. To kick things off, a look at one of my favourites: ‘Yangtze – The long river’ by Nadav … Continue reading

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Three versions…

Take a look at the three images in the composite above. Same picture; three different treatments, each separated by about a year. The photograph dates from my first visit to the French Jura in February 2008 and my first attempt … Continue reading

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“Summertime and the livin’ is easy”

That’s how the famous tune from George Gershwin’s opera, ‘Porgy and Bess’, would have it and how true this is – unless you’re a landscape photographer! Summertime really does us no favours at all. The sun rises inconveniently early and … Continue reading

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What lens for landscape photography?

A question I often see asked in web-forums is ‘what lens do I need for landscape photography?’ and the advice that is usually offered is to use the widest lens you can so that you can ‘get it all in’. … Continue reading

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‘Improvisational photography’ in practice

Last time I wrote a bit about ‘improvisational photography’ without ever really saying why this is different from simply wandering around and photographing whatever takes your fancy. In essence, it’s not very different at all. It is, however, much more … Continue reading

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Improvisational landscape photography

Some landscape photographers like to arrive at a location with a very firm idea of the image they want to make. They will have checked the weather forecast, the sun position and will have previously reconnoitred to find a precise … Continue reading

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Light, subject or composition?

In the latest issue of the excellent online magazine, ‘Landscape GB’, Tim Parkin does a thorough job of analysing what goes into making a good photograph. Light, subject and composition are the fundamental elements under discussion and, of these, much … Continue reading

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Taking inspiration from others – follow-up

I was just browsing the fascinating podcasts over at LensWork when I found Brooks Jensen’s typically insightful take on this topic. It’s really worth a listen!  

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Taking inspiration from others

I’ve often heard people say that they try and avoid looking at the work of their fellow photographers because they would prefer that their own work be unsullied by the influences of others. This, they say, is the only way … Continue reading

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Why I keep going back to the Gorges du Doubs…

Anyone who has checked out my images (either on Flickr, my website or anywhere else I share my photographs) will have noticed that I’m not what you might call a ‘location bagger’. By which I mean I tend not to … Continue reading

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