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Emotion in landscape photography

Visit a random landscape photographer’s website and the chances are that somewhere the photographer will make the claim that he or she is trying to evoke the emotions in the viewer that were felt at the time of taking the … Continue reading

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‘Improvisational photography’ in practice

Last time I wrote a bit about ‘improvisational photography’ without ever really saying why this is different from simply wandering around and photographing whatever takes your fancy. In essence, it’s not very different at all. It is, however, much more … Continue reading

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Taking inspiration from others – follow-up

I was just browsing the fascinating podcasts over at LensWork when I found Brooks Jensen’s typically¬†insightful take on this topic. It’s really worth a listen!  

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First post…

After much debate, cogitation, angst and, well, OK, procrastination, I’ve finally decided it’s time to enter the Blogosphere… [cue¬†dramatic doomy music] So, here it is. My shiny new blog. Hopefully it will be updated regularly but it will probably go … Continue reading

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